Amanita DARK / Amanita Pantherina

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Amanita DARK / Amanita Pantherina – microdosing of panther fly agaric, shows high efficiency in revealing the human resource, there is more strength and energy, mood improves, disappears excessive fixation on negativity, reduces irritability, anxiety and manifestations of depression. Appears healthy optimism and interest in life. Amanita Pantherina is several times more active than red fly agaric, because it contains potent alkaloids tropane series hyoscyamine and scopolamine.

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Amanita DARK / Amanita Pantherina (Panther fly agaric) is a unique plant that has its own charm and unique characteristics. This fly agaric, with black spots on its cap, inspires with its exotic appearance and natural properties.

Main effects of Amanita DARK / Amanita Panterina:

– Improves sleep quality and promotes easy awakening
– Reduces manifestations of depressive states
– Reduces irritability and anxiety
– Improves cognitive function
– Increases resistance to stress
– Triggers deep self-reflective processes
– Helps you cope more easily with addictions
– Increases physical endurance

The effects of Amanita DARK / Amanita Pantherina are due to 2 groups of active ingredients:

1) Muscimol – has similarities with Gamma-aminobutyric acid – one of the main neurotransmitters regulating the human brain. Muscimol normalizes the balance between the excitation and inhibition processes of neurons, which gives a lot of positive effects.

2) Hyoscyamine and scopolamine are alkaloids of the atropine series, and it is they that distinguish the action of panther from red fly agaric. Due to their presence, the effect is felt as more intense and deeper. Panther fly agaric has a more pronounced psychotherapeutic effect, especially with increased emotionality and irritability.

But its side effects are also more frequent, so we recommend its use only for people who have experience with Amanita Muscaria.

Also, Amanita Pantherina tends to work in people who are immune to red fly agaric.

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